School Partners

First State Squash is pleased to partner with well-respected charter and publics schools in the community from which our awesome 6th, 7th and 8th grade students hail!  

Alexis I. du Pont Middle School

In 1893 the Alexis I. du Pont school was constructed on Kennett Pike, a dusty toll road between Wilmington, DE and Chester County, PA. Students first attended the four-room Alexis I. du Pont school during the 1894-1895 school year.  


Our mission is to provide instructional programs and services for students to address their instructional and developmental needs.  To achieve our mission, the school is going to work with parents and the community to promote theoverall growth and development of students so that  they will have a solidacademic foundation.  This will enable them to have successful academiccareers and become productive members to their family and community. 

Thomas Edison Charter School

Thomas A. Edison Charter School serves 750 students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. They were established in 2000 to provide a rigorous education to a historically underserved population of families in North Wilmington. The Board of Directors, school leadership, and staff embrace a core philosophy summarized by these two statements.

  1. All children are capable of learning at high levels if they are taught by caring and dedicated educators, challenged by an engaging and rigorous curriculum, afforded adequate time in school, and held to ambitious state and national standards.
  2. Improvements in student performance can be achieved with an efficient school model that transforms how students are taught at every grade level.

It is the goal of the Board of Directors, school leadership, teachers, and support staff of Thomas A. Edison Charter School to continually improve the ability of every student to be a critical thinker and to enable each child to meet or exceed the state and national curriculum standards.


The mission of the Thomas A. Edison Charter School is to provide a world-class education to students despite race, gender, and socio-economic status. In compliance with 14 Del. C., §501, Thomas Edison Charter School intends “to improve student learning; encourage the use of different and innovative or proven school environments and teaching and learning methods; provide parents and students with measures of improved school and student performance and greater opportunities in choosing public schools within and outside their school districts; and to provide for a well-educated community.